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Having a logo is a complete MUST HAVE.  If you want to compete on a higher level and be respected as a solid business, you need a logo.  A logo should be simple and easy to understand.  The less involved the better. Something that compliments the name of your business and the services you offer.

We have a process that makes this very simple.
We provide a simple form for you to complete. This will help our designers create a custom logo that best represents your practice.

Step 1.) The first step in the process of developing your custom logo is for you to complete the “Custom Materials Design Form ”. Below is the sequence of events after we receive your completed form.

Step 2.) We will contact you to schedule a conference call. The purpose of this call will be to provide a venue for our graphic designers to review your information and to obtain a better feel for the “intangibles” i.e. your essence and individual customizations.

Step 3.) Our designers will produce concepts. We will notify you regarding the date the designer will begin on your logo.

Step 4.) Select the logo that you like the most.
Through our easy-to-use web interface or your e-mail you will be able to view all the concepts and choose the logo design that you like best.

Step 5.) Provide suggestions for your final logo selection.
We want to make your practice logo perfect for you. That's why you'll get a minimum of three versions of the logo you selected. After you've chosen the concept you like any additional revisions will be billed at our hourly rate.

Step 6.) Ownership; Rights to Use.
The three versions of your logo we provide are copyrighted and owned by Aesthetic Marketing Concepts. The final version you select will become your property.
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