Waiting Room HD DVDs

Medical DVDsIntroduce your patients to the procedures that you offer with our professionally produced, high definition, looping DVD presentation.

  • Customize by including your before and after pictures (up to 50 sets of 2) and an introductory Photo Montage with music and voiceover personalized to your practice. Your logo and/or practice name will appear throughout the presentation.
  • Affordable packages are available which provide the flexibility to choose the number of procedures needed.
  • Each segment is brief and easy to understand and you can choose as many procedures as you like from our extensive menu for ONE low price!
  • If your practice, clinic, or spa offers just a handful of aesthetic services, consider our budget-friendly a la carte ordering. With a la carte, you can order and pay for each segment individually with a minimum order of only three films.
  • If you would like to add your own personal touch to the DVD presentation, consider our Personal Interview Package.

Shot on location at your office with up to 3 interviews of you and your staff, this footage will then be edited and included into your DVD presentation.

Would you like your WEBSITE visitors to be able to view your DVD presentation as well? It’s easy! Simply request a Web License.

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Testimonials for Waiting Room DVDs

"AMC has done a great job of customizing a WR video for me. Every week a few patients mention that they enjoy the video. They also comment that the video let them know about procedures that they otherwise were unaware of, or which they didn’t realize that I performed.  The video is attractive, tasteful and informative."

                   Dr. Jim Romanelli
Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery (NY)

"We’ve had a lot of great responses from our patients that see our “infomercial” in our office. Now, instead of reading magazines many are watching the DVD and then coming back for their appointment asking about different procedures they didn’t know we offered.  Depending on the day and schedule, we have 40-60 people seeing our infomercial and we are guaranteed that audience.  It is really working well for us." 

Mr. Jeff Clifton
Business Manager
Premier Dermatology & Skin Renewal Center (AR)

"My custom Genesis practice DVD is attracting quite a bit of attention. I have patients ask questions daily about a treatment they have seen on the DVD, and a high percentage of them have gone on to book appointments. I appreciate your expertise and your availability to answer my questions. I would recommend your company to anyone in the medical field looking for a cost-effective way to do marketing."

Keith Nichols, MD,
Genesis Aesthetic Face & Vein Specialists

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